Finally got a chance to listen to Martin Pearson’s cd (thanks to errandofmercy and her kindness) on my 7-hour return road trip today, and it has made me happier than happy. (OMG, the Balrog song. OMG.)

And, oh, vacation was so very needed. Got to see a friend I haven’t seen since 2010 or so, and work on my DragonCon cosplay a bit. (It’s entirely out of my hands at this point, lol.) Lots of silly games, silly movies, silly taunting. I was super sensitive to sound and quick to anger at times, and should probably apologize for some snappiness at my sister and ddoturtle and duochanshinigami. But it was so nice to be with the kind of friends who know you can be difficult and still love you. ^_^;;

And then I came home to find new followers and a month-old post of mine with 400+ notes and I’m so floored. To the new followers - thank you for joining. :) I assume you’re mostly Tamora Pierce/Circle of Magic fans, which (I warn you) I don’t talk about as often as I should. But I hope you enjoy it here.

Please let me know if there are any particular tags you’d appreciate (like a warning for critters of six- or eight-legged variety for example). I want everyone to be happy here if they can be! XD




Here’s the link for the movie night, on Sunday afternoon. (Or Monday morning for some of us.)

Everyone is welcome to join us, and feel free to spread the word to others who might be interested, The more the merrier!

errandofmercy bofurs-wife mckittericks ichijoukenichiro notanightlight (anyone else from the chat whose tumblrs i don’t know)

Happening soon guys. Come join us in the chat to talk while we watch. Link and the channel to join is #gigolas

Ahh, drat - wish I’d gotten home from my trip sooner. ;)



I’ve said many, many times that my favorite thing about tamorapierce's “Circle of Magic” universe is the fact that these four isolated children have magic quite unsuited to their stations. Class is the barrier that seems most prevalent in their world (because sexism is incredibly…

It was probably “The Duke’s Locksmith”. :P I wrote that fic….


pornosophical asked:

I've been thinking about automatic fanfic turnoffs, and I know there are a great many guides to writing fanfic out and about--some good some not so much--but I was wondering if you were to make a short snappy list of do's and don't's beyond the usual spelling/grammar=important what would you put on it? Like 'avoid epithets' (the raven haired kissed his blond companion) or 'summaries are essential' and 'don't be afraid to use said' that kind of pithy practical advice.

bookshop answered:

oh my god there’s so much, haha, off the top of my head

  • start with a goddamned outline or a flow chart or something. I can’t tell you how many fics I’ve written that began as a hand-drawn outline on a Steak n Shake placemat.
  • don’t fucking use epithets oh my god stop using epithets nothing says “instant turnoff” and “amateur writer” to more people than using epithets THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR IT EVER
  • "X let out the breath s/he* didn’t realize s/he* was holding" NO STOP this is the biggest most overused cliche in all of fandom. Subvert it or don’t use it at all or just say "they exhaled" or something come on
  • and for the record the verb form of breath is “breathe” not “breath” THERE’S AN E AT THE END, so many people misspell this word including the entire SGA fandom i don’t understand
  • topping or bottoming is not a fucking shorthand for “character X is more girly or manly than Character Y” what the fuck is wrong with you people this is fanfic not yaoi oh my god cut that regressive bullshit
  • if you have a woman as a main side character in your plot and her only purpose is to help the two dudes get together or cheerlead for their epic gay romance while having no other characterization or thing that she’s doing on her own or reason for being there, then either give that chick something to do instead of being a bit player in a dude’s narrative, or do everyone a favor and just remove her character altogether and let it just have dudes in it bc at least that way you’re not actively wasting a good female character.
  • I actually don’t think summaries are that essential. I’m crap at summaries, and because I’m crap at summaries I actively like to use them to troll readers and/or poke fun at my own writing so don’t listen to my advice about summaries. I think the tags are way more important.
  • Use adverbs well. That is, use the coolest adverbs, and then every other time you start to use an adverb, see it as a little red flag telling you that this is an opportunity to actually show what your character’s doing instead of telling us. What’s better writing? A) “I don’t think that’s quite correct,” Sarah said nervously, or B) Sarah ducked her head and pinned her gaze on the scarf she held. As she spoke she twisted it, wringing it instead of her hands. “I don’t think that’s quite correct.” SHOW US THINGS WE LIKE THINGS.

Oh god this is getting long putting the rest behind a cut. 

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sometimes i wanna be top

and sometimes i wanna be bottom



look at that fancy fuckin bunkbed jesus christ. back in my day, there were no stairs for easy access to the top. the road to the top bunk was a vertical fucking climb of wooden slats that you had to scramble to find purchase on. the one that made it to the top was not only a victor, but a survivor

My cat would’ve appreciated this. But I would’ve missed out on her adorable scramble to the top. (Meanwhile my sister’s cat just stood on a nightstand and jumped. My cat was…. rather deficient in the jumping department.)